Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "roll"


    • 1. to move or cause to move along by turning over and over: magpagulong, gumulong, pagulungin
    • 2. to roll around, as a rope, wire, etc.: magbilibid, ibilibid, bilibiran
    • 3. to roll up, e.g., the sleeves, trousers, or skirts: maglilis, ililis
    • 4. to make a deep, loud sound: dumagundong
    • 1. anything rolled up: balumbon, rolyo
    • 2. a list of names, list: talaan, listahan
    • 3. moving along by turning over and over: gulong, paggulong
    • 4. a small roll, pack or bundle: bilot, balumbon
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