Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "sound"


    • 1. what can be perceived by ear, what is or can be heard: tunog
    • 2. a noise: ingay
    • 3. the sound of bells: tunog, telembang, kulingling o kililing
    • 4. a knocking sound: kalantog, kalatok, katok, tuktok
    • 5. a squeaking sound as of a new shoe: ingit
    • 6. the squeaking sound of a door hinge: langitngit
    • 7. the sound of running water, e.g., of a stream: lagaslas
    • 8. a reverberating sound like the drone of an airplane: ugong
    • 9. a wheezing sound, e.g., of an asthmatic: huni
    • 10. the sound of footsteps: yabag
    • 11. the whining sound of strong wind: haginit, hagunot
    • 12. the whining sound of a bullet: higing, haging
    • 13. a clacking sound such as produced by heels of shoes on a pavement: taguktok, lagatok, lagutok
    • 14. a sound such as caused by the clapping of the hands, etc.: palakpak
    • 15. a crunching sound as when chewing something hard: langutngot
    • 16. the sound of a falling water, as in a waterfall: lagaslas
    • 17. the splash of water caused by throwing a stone into a pool: bulabok, bulubok
    • 18. a rustling sound, e.g., of leaves, paper, cloth, etc.: kaluskos
    • 19. the sound produced by the throat in swallowing: lagok
    • 2.0 the sound of the heart beating when agitated: kabog
    • 2.1. a snapping sound such as caused by snapping the fingers: lagitik
    • 2.2. the cracking sound of a whip: lagitik, haginit
    • 2.3. a deep reverberating sound such as the echo of thunder or of a cannon: dagundong, kulog
    • 1. to sound or cause to sound: tumunog, magpatunog, patunugin, humihip, hipan
    • 2. to make a sound or noise: mag-ingay, umingay
    • 3. to make a whining sound: umugong, humaginit, humagunot
    • 1. deep (as a sleep): mahimbing, malalim
    • 2. healthy, free from disease: malusog, mabuti
    • 3. free from injury, decay, or defect: magaling, mabuti, mahusay, walang sira, walang pinsala, maayos, buo
    • 4. strong, safe, secure: matatag, matibay, segurado
    • 5. right, correct, reasonable, reliable: tama, tumpak, makatarungan
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