Tagalog Dictionary

Meaning of "spot"


    • 1. mark, stain, speck: batik, mantsa, mantsa
    • 2. a small part unlike the rest: patak
    • 3. a place: dako, lugar, pook
    • 4. on the spot means (a) at the very place: sa mismong lugar (b) at once: agad, madali
    • ready, on hand: handa, nakahanda, hawak, kaliwaan
    • 1. to become spotted, have spots: magkamantsa, mantsahan, magkabatik, mabatikan
    • 2. to make spots on: magmantsa, mantsahan, magbatik, batikan, dumhan
    • 3. to hit the spot, to be just right or satisfactory (coll.): tamangtama
    • 4. to be spotted may mean to be recognized or seen: mamataan, mamanmanan, mamukhaan
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