Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "spread"


    • 1. to stretch out, open out: umunat, iunat, magbuka, ibuka
    • 2. to extend, lie: maglatag, lumatag, ilatag, malatag, latagan
    • 3. to cover with a thin layer: magpahid, pahiran
    • 4. to put on in a thin layer: ipahid
    • 5. to scatter, distribute: magkalat, kumalat, ikalat, magpalaganap, lumaganap, palaganapin
    • 6. to move farther apart: magbuka, ibuka
    • 7. to set a table for a meal: maghanda ng mesa, ihanda ang mesa, maghain
    • 8. to spread oneself means to try to make a good impression: magpasikat
    • 9. to display ones abilities fully: magpakita (magpamalas) ng kakayahan
    • 10. to brag: maghambog, magmagaling
    • 11. to spread something in the sun to dry, e.g., rice, clothes, etc.: magbilad, ibilad
    • 1. width: lapad
    • 2. extent: lawak, saklaw
    • 3. covering for a bed: kubrekama
    • 4. covering for a table: mantel
    • 5. something to spread on bread, etc.: pamahid
    • 6. food put on the table, a feast: hain, pagkaing nakahain, handa, bangkete
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