Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "stage"


    • 1. a platform, a flooring: plataporma
    • 2. a raised flooring in a theater on which the actors perform: entablado
    • 3. the theater, the drama, actors profession: teatro, tanghalan
    • 4. to be on the stage, to be an actor or actress: artista
    • 5. a scene of action: larangan, tanghalan
    • 6. a stagecoach: karwahe
    • 7. one step or degree in a process, a period of development: yugto, baitang, hakbang
    • 1. to present on the stage: magtanghal, itanghal, magpalabas, palabasin, ilabas
    • 2. (verbal noun) staging, a presentation of: pagtatanghal, pagpapalabas
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