Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "tap"


    • 1. to strike lightly: kumatok, katukin, tumuktok
    • 2. to strike lightly with the open hand: tumapik, tapikin
    • 3. to cut the bark of a tree to let out sap: tumapyas (tapyasan) upang dumagta, humiwa (hiwaan) upang dumagta, magpadagta, padagtain, magpatulo ng dagta, likido, tubig, atb., patuluin ang dagta
    • 4. to make a connection on: magkabit, kabitan
    • 1. a light blow with the open hand: tapik
    • 2. a tool for cutting internal screw threads: panroskas, pangroskas
    • 3. a stopper or plug to close a hole in a cast containing liquid: tapon, pasak
    • 4. a faucet: gripo
    • 5. on tap sometimes means ready for use: nakahanda, handa na
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