Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "thin"


    • 1. with little space from one side to the opposite side, not thick: manipis, di makapal
    • 2. having little flesh: payat
    • 3. not set close together: madalang, manipis
    • 4. not dense: manipis, di makapal
    • 5. few and far apart, not abundant: madalang, kakaunti, iilan
    • 6. like water, not like glue or syrup: malabnaw
    • 7. not deep or strong, having little depth, fullness, or intensity: matinis, maliit
    • 8. easily seen through: halata, halatain, mababaw
    • 1. to make thin: magpadalang, padalangin, magpanipis, panipisin, magpalabnaw, palabnawin
    • 2. to become thin: dumalang, maging madalang, numipis, maging manipis, lumabnaw, maging malabnaw
    • 3. to become thin in body: pumayat, mangayayat, maging payat
    • 4. to make thin in body: magpapayat, papayatin
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