Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "turn"


    • 1. to move round as a wheel does: umikot, pumihit, uminog
    • 2. to cause to move round as a wheel does: magpaikot, paikutin, magpainog, painugin, pumihit, pihitin
    • 3. to move part way round: pumihit, ipihit, pihitin, papihitin, bumaling, ibaling, pabalingin
    • 4. to take a new direction to: bumaling, ibaling, pabalingin, lumiko, iliko, palikuin
    • 5. to give a new direction to: magbaling, bumaling, ibaling, balingan
    • 6. to change, to become: maging
    • 7. to take a turn, to become dizzy: mahilo
    • 1. motion like that of a wheel: ikot, pag-ikot, pihit, pagpihit, inog, pag-inog
    • 2. a change of direction: liko, pagliko, pihit, pagpihit, baling, pagbaling
    • 3. opportunity, occasion: pagkakataon, panahon, oras, turno
    • 4. a deed, act: gawa
    • 5. a twist, one round in a coil of wire, rope, etc.: pulupot, pilipit, ikot
    • 6. a change: pagbabago
    • 7. by turns, one after another: halinhinan, turnuhan, palitan, isa-isa, una-una, hali-halili
    • 8. to turn off means to put out (a light, etc.): magpatay, patayin
    • 9. to shut off: magsara, isara
    • 10. to turn on, to let come, let flow: magbukas, buksan, bumuhay, buhayin
    • 11. to turn out means to put out: magpatay, patayin
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