Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "understand"


    • 1. to get the meaning of: umintindi, intindihin, maintindihan, umunawa, unawain, maunawaan
    • 2. to know well, to know how to deal with: makaunawa, maunawaan, makaintindi, maintindihan
    • 3. to be informed, to learn: matalos, malaman, mabatid
    • 4. to take as a fact, to believe: maniwala, paniwalaan
    • 5. to supply in the mind: umalam, alamin, malaman, magsaisip, isaisip, masaisip
    • 6. to understand thoroughly, to comprehend: tumarok, matarok, tarukin
    • 7. to know: umalam, malaman, alamin
    • 8. to realize: tumanto, matanto, tantuin
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