Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "wear"


    • 1. to have on the body: magsuot, isuot, gumamit, gamitin
    • 2. to last long, give good service: tumagal, makatagal, magtagal
    • 3. to use up, to be used up: maubos, mapudpod, pumurol, mapurol
    • 4. to wear out, to become damaged through use: masira
    • 5. to wear one out, to tire or be tired: pumagod, mapagod, makapagod, pagurin
    • 1. wearing: isinusuot, ginagamit, gamit, pananamit,
    • 2. the act of wearing: pagsusuot, pagkakasuot, paggamit, pagkagamit
    • 3. clothing: mga damit, kasuutan
    • 4. a lasting quality, service: tibay, katibayan, serbisyo
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