Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "wind"


    • 1. to move this way and that, go in a crooked way, change direction, turn: magpaliku-liko, paliku-likuin
    • 2. to twist or turn around something: magpulupot, ipulupot (transitive verb), pumulupot (intransitive verb), puluputan, magpilipit, pumilipit, ipilipit, pilipitin, pilipitan
    • 3. to roll into a ball or on a spool, etc.: mag-ikid, ikirin, iikid, magkidkid, ikidkid, kidkirin, magbilibid, ibilibid, maglikaw, ilikaw
    • 4. to fold, wrap, or place about something: magbalot, mabalot, balutin, ibalot
    • 5. to fold the arms around something: yumakap, yakapin, iyakap
    • 6. to make a clock go by turning some part of it: magsusi, susian, magkuwerdas, kuwerdasan
    • 7. to wind up sometimes means to end, settle, conclude: magwakas, wakasan, tumapos, magtapos, tapusin
    • 1. a bend, a turn: kurba, kurbada, liko
    • 2. a twist: pulupot, pilipit
    • moving air: hangin
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